whether anlamı nedir whether kullanımı

whether anlamı nedir, whether kullanımı, whether nedir, whether nasıl kullanılır, if, olup olmadığı, eğer

Whether Anlamı , Whether Kullanımı

İsim Cümleciği /(Noun Clause)Olarak Kullanımı

Fiilin anlamını “olup …. olmadığını” şeklinde tamamlar.
I’ll see whether she’s at home.
Onun evde olup olmadığını göreceğim.
he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to run the marathon
O Maratonda koşmak isteyip istemediğinden emin değil.
I’ll see whether she’s at home
Evde olup olmadığını göreceğim.

Koşul Cümleciği (if) Olarak Kullanımı

Koşul cümlesi olarak :  “Whether ……….or not”  şeklinde kullanımı vardır. ” olsada …………… olmasa da ” anlamını verir. 
Alternatif durumlardan bahsederken kullanılır. Her iki durumda da sonuç değişmeyecektir.

Eş anlamlıları

if, whether, providing that, provided that, providing
he seemed undecided whether to go or stay
O kalmaya veya gitmeye  kararsız görünüyordu.

Whether örnekleri

We have three at present but the plan, whether it comes to fruition or not, is for four.
Possibly this will depend on whether or not he has any more legal costs that need defraying.
I’ll see whether she’s at home
As with any postponement, opinions vary as to whether or not the game could have gone ahead.
She poured the milk into a mug, enquiring as to whether he would like some as well.
Indicate whether you are a parent, a teacher or a pupil, and let us know your take on the debate.
He gives me an inquisitive look, as if to enquire whether something is the matter.
MPs will then make a decision whether or not to build a Crossrail station in Woolwich.
In this sense it may be of some importance to enquire whether they are chattels or not.
It did not assist the judgment whether the error was in the map or the statement.
Police are investigating whether he was the victim of a racially motivated attack.
there’s the question of whether or not you can put her in that school
he didn’t know whether he should ring
These investors are also unsure as to whether they have the right mix in their portfolio.
This depends on whether or not your wife is working and, if so, where she will be employed.
However, it is not clear whether or not Santander would be prepared to wait this long.
If he did, he ought then to have made enquiries as to whether it was possible to claim damages.
he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to run the marathon
The boxes should be Christmas wrapped with an indication whether it is for a man or woman.
It is not yet clear whether investors have learned the lessons of the technology boom.
Zonex declined to comment on the plans or indicate whether they would be carried out.
If it is face down he indicates to his partner by a facial expression whether it is a valuable card or not.
They had planned for this, but he still doubted whether or not it was really going to work.
It is important to check whether cashback limits are applied on a monthly or annual basis.
It will be a matter of judgment whether and how to take account of indirect evidence.
Traders want to know whether the scheme is still on track so they can plan for the future.
Nor were there any questions about whether or not these young people had ever used a weapon.
It’s kinda hard to really decide whether or not to call Argento on the misogyny front.
I’ll see whether she’s at home

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