Passive Voice Örnekler

Passive Voice Örnekler

1-)She has broken the glass. (Aktif Cümle)

The glass has been broken by her. (Pasif Cümle)

2-)Ali has cleaned the board.(Aktif Cümle)

The board has been cleaned by him.

3-)I painted the door.(Aktif Cümle)

The door was painted by me.

4-)He wrote these books.(Aktif Cümle)

These books were written by him.

5-)He does it today.(Aktif Cümle)

It is done by him today.

6-)No one liked this film.(Aktif Cümle)

This film wasn’t liked by no one.

7-)They don’t drink cola.(Aktif Cümle)

Cola isn’t drunk by them.

8-Why didn’t they make a large table?(Aktif Cümle)

Why wasn’t a large table made by them?

9-) Have you posted the letter?(Aktif Cümle)

Has the letter been posted by you?

10-)I have told them not to play on the road.(Aktif Cümle)

They have been told not to play on the road by me.

11- We had put the fire out before the fireman came.(Aktif Cümle)

The fire had been put out before the fireman came by us.

12-After the doctor had operated on him , he died.(Aktif Cümle)

After he had been operated on, he died.

13-No body had given him any medicine before the doctor came.

He hadn’t been given any medicine before the doctor came by them.

No medicine had been given him before the doctor came by them.

14-We had to do it at once.(Aktif Cümle)

It had to be done at once by us.

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