Geniş Zaman Okuma Alıştırması

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Geniş Zaman Alıştırmalar

Read the text and answer the questions True (T) or False (F).

Ayşe gets up at six o’clock every morning. She washes her hands and face and puts on her school uniform. She eats her breakfast and goes to school. She gets on the school bus at 7 o’clock and arrives at school at half past seven. Her class starts a quarter to eight. Her first lesson is Geography. She has her lunch at 12 o’clock. Her school finishes at 3 in the afternoon. He goes back to her house by bus. She listens to music. She sometimes helps her mother in the kitchen and she does her homework. She sometimes asks questions to his father. She watches television in the evening but she never watches horror films She hates horror films. She brushes her teeth and sleeps at ten o’clock.

Mark True or False

1. Ayşe gets up at seven o’clock. (…..)

2. Ayşe gets on the bus at seven.(…..)

3. Her first lesson is Geography.(…..)

4. She likes horror films.(…..)

5. She has her lunch at eleven.(…..)

6. She sleeps at ten o’clock.(…..)

7.She never asks questions to his father. (…..)

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