Atatürk ‘ ün İngilizce Hayatı (Özet) ve İlkeleri

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Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK ‘ ün İngilizce Hayatı  (Özet) ve İlkeleri 


Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born in 1881 in Selanik. He was the founder and the first President of the Republic of  Turkey.

His mother’s name was Zübeyde Hanım. His father’s name was Ali Rıza.  He went to the school of Semsi Efendi in Selanik. He entered the

Military Secondary School In 1895 in Selanik. After finishing the Military Secondary School, Mustafa Kemal entered the Military

High School (Askeri Idadisi). He entered the infantry class of the Military Academy (Harbiye Harp Okulu) on the 13th of March 1899.

After graduating the MilitaryAcademy, Mustafa Kemal went on to the General Staff College in 1902. He was graduated from the

Academy with the rank of captain onthe 11th of January, 1905. At the end of the Balkan War, Mustafa Kemal was appointed military

attache in Sofia. When Mustafa Kemal was in Sofia, the First World War broke out. He was appointed to the Commander of the

Anafartalar Group in 1915.  In the First World War he was in command of the Turkish forces at Anafartalar. Allied forces landed at the

Dardanelles  (CanakkaleStrait) and he defended the counry at Gallipoli. He arrived in Samsun on Monday 19th May 1919. He

established congresses in Amasya, Erzurum and Sivas to save the country from the enemy.He opened the Turkish Grand National Assemblyon

on 23rd of April, 1920.

On the same day Mustafa Kemal was elected President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Atatürk died at 09:05 at Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul On November 10, 193

His principles are:

* Republicanism : Cumhuriyetçilik
* Nationalism : Milliyetçilik
* Populism : Halkçılık 
* Secularism : Laiklik
* Revolutionism : İnkilapçılık
* Statism : Devletçilik

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